"Mind Openers"
"Mind Openers"

"Mind Openers"

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medium paper print: 12"x24" signed limited edition of 100

large canvas print: 18"x36" stretched & signed 

canvas prints are made to order, please allow 2-3 weeks for production/shipping

international canvas prints ship in a tube and are not stretched

Original 18x36" acrylic on canvas in artist's private collection 2015 

“Mind Openers” symbolizes the expansion of human consciousness as we become aware of our collective infinite potential.   As we mindfully open our perceptions from an internal source of love we strengthen our connection with everything and move beyond a fear based mind state rooted in survival and scarcity. The use of repetitive lines in this piece symbolizes rhythmic pulses of energy, which essentially are vibrations. Drawing influence from fractal patterns in nature, I referenced my collection of ammonite fossils which follow the golden spiral and the concept for “Mind Openers” was born.